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My Blood, Your Blood Program

My Blood, Your Program

What Is the “My Blood, Your Blood” Program?

Funded by foundations and corporations, “My Blood, Your Blood” is an educational program designed to inform young people about their body, blood and the circulatory system, and the need for a safe, adequate blood supply.

Who are the Community Partners who help us underwrite the Program? 

Bartlett Foundation

Richard E. Gasser Fund (LVCF)

Highmark Blue Shield

Hommer Foundation

Mack Trucks, Inc.

Erwin J. & Gertrude K. Neusch Fund (LVCF)

Vollrath Foundation

Highmark Blue Shield

Wal-Mart Temple -#2614

Who Does the Program Target?

“My Blood, Your Blood” is designed for use in elementary school, middle school, high school, or other community-based organization, such as girl scouts or youth education programs.

Who Presents the Program? What Does the Program Entail?

This educational science program is presented by blood center staff and certified phlebotomists at no cost to schools and community youth groups in the region served by Miller-Keystone. The program includes an introduction of services provided by Miller-Keystone Blood Center, a 30-minute video, and simulated blood donation. We can also arrange for a scheduled tour of our laboratory as well.

Is There a Charge for Presenting the Program?

There is no charge for presenting the “My Blood, Your Blood” program. The Blood Center can either work with your organization in presenting the program, or your organization may obtain the materials for your own use, at no charge.

Who Developed the Program? Why Was it Created?

My Blood, Your Blood (MBYB) is the creation of a team of scientists, physicians and educators. The program is designed to teach students about blood biology, the necessity of blood to one’s health and the importance of blood donation. Made possible by grants and contributions from community foundations and businesses, MKBC offers MBYB free of charge as part of our outreach program to schools and community organizations throughout our vast service area.

MKBC collaborates with America’s Blood Centers (ABC) and the Foundation of America’s Blood Centers to administer MBYB. Our goal is that, through this education/community service partnership, students will learn how important blood is to their health, and be inspired to donate blood regularly when they are old enough to do so. These donations will be essential in the years to come because there is no substitute for human blood, nor can it be manufactured. As the population ages and medical technology advances, demand will outpace supply, meaning the future health of our community depends on educating our youth today. Moreover, we truly hope that those students who have participated in the MBYB program will go home and encourage their parents and other family members to donate blood as well.

What Has the Response Been to the Program? 

The more schools learn about the “My Blood, Your Blood” program, the more presentation requests we receive! Out of 41 instructors that responded to the survey, 90 percent gave the program an “excellent” rating and 95 percent gave the presenters an “excellent” rating.

As part of the MBYB curriculum, we present the students with both pre- and post- survey questions to gauge the overall effectiveness of the program. The pre-survey questions are designed to examine the proficiency level of, as well as challenge, the group being presented to. The post-survey questions are used to indicate what outcomes the program produced, and to briefly review with the students everything we covered. We are then able to assess whether or not changes need to be made to ensure that future program goals are met. Data collected from MBYB 2013-2014 assessment questions indicate that the program is a success in achieving our goals. 

Results from the pre-survey questions given before the presentation indicated that many of the students, including all ages, did not know several key aspects about blood and donating. Out of the ~ 3,000 students surveyed, 64 percent of students didn’t know that there were eight blood types.  With the MBYB program, we are aiming to decrease those numbers and trying to educate the youth of blood biology and the importance of blood donations to our community.

The post-survey questions displayed outstanding results, proving that the presentation had a positive impact on the majority of students participating. 94 percent of students said that they now realize how important blood donation is to the well-being of the community, while 87 percent of secondary students indicated that they are now more likely to donate blood. This inspired students so much so that they indicated they would go home and encourage others to give the gift of life by donating blood. The most prevalent student comment was that our program made them realize that one blood donation can save up to three lives.

Who To Contact?

If you would like to arrange a presentation of the program at your school/organization or have additional questions about the “My Blood, Your Blood” program, contact Mike McShane at 800-223-6667, ext. 1292.