Apply for Cord/Certificate Recognition Program

Apply for Cord/Certificate Recognition Program

Thank you for expressing interest in our Cord/Certificate Recognition Program, and your dedication to Miller-Keystone Blood Center!

Application for the 2019-20 High School Cord Program is now CLOSED!
Application for the 2019-2020 High School Cord Program will open in February 2020.

To apply and be considered for the recognition program, you must have met the following conditions:

1. Be graduating in 2019.

2. Have donated blood at least 4 times OR volunteered at least 4 times. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept a combination of these two activities.

If these conditions have been met, please click and follow the links listed below.

  • Did you Donate at least four (4) times?

  • Did you Volunteer at least four (4) times?

  • Do you need to Donate one more time prior to your graduation date? We can help!


** Students: when hitting “submit,” you should receive an immediate notification that your message has been received.
If you do not receive this message, please submit your request again.