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A Newfound Partnership Build on Faith and Hope to Save Lives
The Story of a Blood Center and a Faith-Based Community
May 11, 2020

In just a mere seven weeks, a novel virus infected thousands and forced businesses to shut down, schools to be emptied and communities to wait at a standstill behind closed doors. As medical professionals raced to the front lines in an effort to simultaneously care for and seek treatments for those affected by the virus, another endeavor by a faithful community and a blood center were about to coincide.

Miller-Keystone Blood Center joined 40 additional blood banks across the country and began to embark on an experimental treatment called Convalescent Plasma to collect the antibody-rich plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients. The hope is that the Convalescent Plasma will provide a boost to help stimulate recovery after it’s transfused into critically-ill patients, especially those with suppressed immune systems. Regional hospitals began treating patients with the Convalescent Plasma and saw encouraging results. Efforts to continue to collect this unique plasma began to take shape from a distinct source miles away.

The New York-based Jewish Orthodox community of Kiryas Joel traveled to Pennsylvania and came together with the local Jewish Orthodox community in the Lehigh Valley. Through their inherent belief and faith to help others, they reached out to Miller-Keystone Blood Center and formed an extraordinary partnership.

Before long, willing donors from the two Jewish Orthodox communities arrived at Miller-Keystone Blood Center in Bethlehem. As a steady flow of donors were seen throughout the day and cared for by the colleagues of Miller-Keystone Blood Center, the shelves began to fill with hundreds of units of potentially life-saving Convalescent Plasma. The profound impact of just one day of plasma donations stunned the many thankful colleagues and donors, together.

The results of this newfound partnership between a faith-based community group and a blood center, built on a joint belief of faith and hope to care for community, continues to grow and create a positive impact each week.

At Miller-Keystone Blood Center, we welcome and encourage other faith-based organizations of all denominations seeking to care for community to join us and reach out to our Blood Center. Together we can impact our communities for the better and save lives. Visit our blog often to learn about other organizations through our Faith-Based Initiative.

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