Special Delivery Donor Club

Special Delivery Donor Club

Are you an O-Negative/CMV-Negative Blood Donor?
These are very special donors, who are critical in helping infant trauma cases!


Blood used for children is a little different than Blood used for adult patients, and can pose some challenges for us to make it available to our community hospitals.  To be more specific, Blood used for babies must meet two main criteria:

    • Blood less than five days old
    • CMV-Negative

Baby donors must have the O-Negative Blood type, and test negative for the Cytomegalovirus (CMV). They must also pass the physical screening and medical history questionnaire.  The entire donation process, from screening through refreshments, takes approximately one hour.

Our Special Delivery Donor Club rewards donors who make the commitment to donate baby’s Blood at least 4 times throughout the calendar year with 150 Bonus Points in our LifeSaver Rewards Store.

Special Delivery Club