MKBC Suspends Convalescent Plasma Program

Miller-Keystone Blood Center’s Blood Donors have been our greatest heroes throughout this devastating pandemic. With their help, we were able to collect Convalescent Plasma and provide treatment to patients suffering from the SARS-CoV-2 virus here in our region.

  This is plasma donated by individuals who contracted COVID-19 and fully recovered. Post-recovery, these donors have special antibodies in their plasma.  By collecting this plasma and giving it to ill patients, the hope is to provide a boost to the patient’s antibodies and help stimulate recovery.

As cases of the virus decrease, so has the need for Convalescent Plasma. For this reason, Miller-Keystone Blood Center has decided to suspend collections for Convalescent Plasma, effective immediately.

We ask that you encourage your family and friends to continue saving lives by donating red blood cells and/or platelets. As we enter the summer months the need for these blood products to treat trauma victims, heart patients, cancer patients and others will continue to become a growing necessity for us to supply you the inventory you need for our community.

Remember – blood is perishable and there is no substitute.

The only resource is the volunteer Blood Donor.


Thank you for your generous blood donations throughout the year and be sure to schedule your next appointment at Miller-Keystone Blood Center.