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2016-17 Annual Appeal


It takes two. The transfusable blood supply in your regional hospitals depends on Miller-Keystone Blood Center’s vast network of selfless volunteers and generous blood donors. What you might not know is that the support of our financial donors, like you, is what allows MKBC to bring safe blood products from donor to patient every day.

You are critical to our mission of saving lives because you are the link between our blood donors and our blood recipients. You support the great costs associated with collecting, processing, testing & delivering blood products across our region to 21 hospitals that we solely serve.

appeal2As a supporter of MKBC, you assist your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers & all those who generously donate blood because your contribution allows their blood to travel to someone in need.

As a supporter of MKBC, you also assist hospital patients who need livesaving transfusions because your contribution allows lifesaving blood to reach their bedside. Thank you for your help in saving lives.


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For more information, contact the Development Department at 800-B-A-DONOR or develop@GIVEaPINT.org