We Need A New Bloodmobile!

We Need A New Bloodmobile!

Since 1971, Miller-Keystone Blood Center has relied on the collective support of community partners to accomplish its mission of saving lives every day by providing blood products to our local hospitals. 

Recruiting and collecting the needed blood from volunteers is a daily challenge, and mobile blood drives are happening every day across our region at businesses schools, churches, and civic organizations. Drives are especially important in determining our success because more than 50% of the blood collected by Miller-Keystone comes from community blood drives.  During 2018, 1,415 blood drives collected 33,015 units of blood!

A reliable fleet of bloodmobiles is essential to complete more than 1,000 blood drives each year.  The life span of a bloodmobile is approximately eight to ten years and seven coaches have met or exceeded the vehicle life expectancy.  Our annual repair costs are high, but necessary to keep our fleet in operation.  Now is the time to replace our aging fleet to eliminate costly repairs and down-time that affects blood inventory.  We are asking for your help — please consider making a donation to our Wheels of Life Bloodmobile Campaign for the purchase of a new Bloodmobile.

This bloodmobile will assist in the recruitment, collection, processing, testing and distribution of more than 100,000 blood products annually, to include:
— red blood cells – for trauma, bleeding, cancer, and blood disorders such as sickle cell disease
— plasma – for trauma and burn victims, and bleeding and immune system disorders
— platelets – for burn and accident victims and to treat patients with cancer, heart surgery, organ transplants, and bone marrow transplants.

To donate to our Wheels of Life Bloodmobile Campaign by check, click here.

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If you have any questions or would like additional information,
please contact our Development Department at 800-223-6667 or develop@giveapint.org