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Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting a Blood Drive FAQ

What do I have to do?

Getting donors scheduled is the most important thing. We will supply you with all the posters, handouts, and other marketing and promotional materials you might need as well as our on-line scheduling system.  Personally inviting and educating prospective donors about the ongoing need for blood donations is the best way to get them interested in becoming a donor. Letting them know that their donation has the opportunity to help save lives, helps them to realize the impact of the altruistic act of blood donation. Your representative will offer suggestions as to how to best recruit donors from your group.

Is there any cost to us?

Miller-Keystone Blood Center supplies the materials and tools generally needed to market your blood drive.  Canteen beverages and snacks along with staffing are also all provided by our blood center.  The blood center never charges a fee to run a blood drive.  We are appreciative of our blood donors, coordinators and sponsors.  It takes a community wide effort to be able to maintain a safe and adequate blood supply for the hospitals we serve.

How many donors do we need? 

Our average blood drive has about 25 registering donors.  We prefer to work with groups of 20 or more (up to 450+/day.)  If your group would be less than that, your representative will be happy to find a workable situation for you.

Can donors resume their usual work duties after donating? 

In most cases donors are able to resume their regular work duties after the donation process. The post donation recommendations do include no heavy lifting or strenuous activity for the rest of the day.