younger generations

Dedicated blood donors continue to age

The future of our blood supply is in our schools. As the current pool of dedicated blood donors continue to age, our community relies on younger generations to commit and give blood regularly. As a service to schools in our region, Miller-Keystone Blood Center provides a variety of educational and promotional tools to inspire and reward a new generation of blood donors.

High School Hero Donor

Recruitment Scholarship

You’re eligible to give Whole Blood every 56 days, that’s up to six times per year. Platelet donors are eligible to donate every two weeks, up to 24 times per year. If you become a Plasma donor you can donate Plasma every four weeks. You’re eligible to donate Automated Red Cells every 112 days.

High School
Hero Cord

Hero Cord Program

Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s lifesavers, and we need them to become life-long blood donors. This program is designed to recognize seniors at their graduation ceremony for being a life-saving blood donor, and to honor them for making significant contributions to our community.

My Blood
Your Blood

My Blood Your Blood

As the population ages and medical technology advances, demand will outpace supply, meaning the future health of our community depends on educating our youth today. Miller-Keystone Blood Center’s My Blood, Your Blood (MBYB) program is the creation of a team of scientists, physicians and educators for use in elementary school, middle school, high school and other community-based organizations. The program is designed to teach students

The Bill & Jacqueline Younger

Volunteer Scholarship

Bill & Jackie were both devoted volunteers who donated more than 25,000 hours of service to MKBC. They were also both dedicated blood donors, having donated more than 43 gallons, saving the lives of thousands in our community. To sustain their legacy, the Bill & Jacqueline Younger Volunteer Scholarship acknowledges outstanding student volunteer participation


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