Join the MKBC – BioLinked Network!

Miller-Keystone Blood Center is excited to bring you another unique opportunity to help others! We are pleased to announce our new alliance with BioLinked®, an organization that is partnering with trusted blood centers throughout the United States. The goal is to build a robust network of diverse individuals interested in participating in clinical research studies (paid/unpaid).  Your involvement is optional, confidential and self-managed, allowing BioLinked® to anonymously search for willing individuals who meet specific research needs. Join us in helping to find cures and save even more lives!

BioLinked is an innovative network, optimizing clinical research by partnering with trusted Blood Centers, giving researchers access to a robust database of diverse participants. When you join the BioLinked registry as a participant, you become a part of a community on a mission to find cures and save lives.

Miller-Keystone Blood Center provides a critical service to our community. We recognize that there is great potential to make an additional impact in healthcare by connecting our extraordinary donors with lifesaving research.

Your participation in the BioLinked community propels clinical research that finds cures, paving the way for a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

No, your status as a blood donor has no impact on your participation in clinical research studies.

The information you include when you complete your profile is encrypted and stored in a private, secure database. This information is only seen by you and a few restricted, authorized staff members at Miller-Keystone Blood Center.  Your information will never be shared with anyone else unless you consent in writing.

When BioLinked is in search of potential candidates for an upcoming clinical research study, they will contact MKBC to confirm their specific needs. Our staff will search the encrypted, secure database to identify potential candidates who meet the specific medical, family, and/or social backgrounds that match up with research opportunity. Potential candidates will be contacted by an MKBC staff member to see if they are interested in participating.

Every research study is different. Some are short and may only require a single visit to the Blood Center.  Others may run longer and involve several visits to the Blood Center.  Depending on the specifics of the research study, you may undergo a blood pressure or ECG test, be asked to provide blood or urine, or simply fill out a questionnaire on your health history.

Before you agree to participate in any clinical research study, you will receive an Informed Consent document to read. This document will provide you with an overview of the study, outline your role in the study, and describe any potential risks involved. 

While most trials do not offer payment, some clinical research studies may offer monetary compensation. This is determined on a study-by-study basis, which you will be able to confirm after registering with Biolink and reviewing the information for a specific clinical research trial in which you may qualify. 

Create your account, sign in and complete your profile. Remember – it is optional, confidential and self-managed; you can update your information at any time. Be sure to select Miller-Keystone Blood Center as your referring blood center! 

Current Clinical Research Studies

Avillion BATURA Asthma Study
January 2023

Study Specific contact info:
Science37: 855-382-3060 or