Blood Journey

Blood Journey

Have you ever wondered where your blood goes once you’ve given it? Here’s what happens after your blood is collected:

Step 1:
Your blood donation is labeled and sent to our component laboratory.


Step 2:
Whole blood donations are separated into two essential components: red cells and plasma.



Step 3:
Your blood is typed, which includes identifying the ABO type and a positive or negative Rh factor. It is also tested to ensure that it is safe for release.



Step 4:
Your blood is stored in large refrigerators and freezers at Miller-Keystone Blood Center. It is now ready for distribution to hospitals.


Step 5:
The blood components are carefully packed in special temperature-controlled containers and transported to local and regional hospitals.


Step 6:
Your donation arrives at a patient’s bedside – typically within 10 days.



Now that you know what happens to your blood, why not make an appointment today?