Highmark Foundation Announces Grant Support
for MKBC Diversity Initiative

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, representatives from Miller-Keystone Blood Center and the
Highmark Foundation held a press conference to announce the presentation of a two-year,
$120,000 grant to underwrite MKBC’s Diversity Initiative.  

Pete Castagna, President & CEO of Miller-Keystone Blood Center, and Jane Brooks,
Regional Manager of Community Affairs, Highmark Foundation, greeting guests at MKBC’s Hamilton Donor Center
location in Allentown, acknowledging that this two-year partnership will help improve the overall health of the community,
which includes increasing critically needed blood donations.

According to Mr. Castagna, the Blood Center’s Diversity Initiative is an example of MKBC deepening its roots i
n the downtown Allentown area, recruiting talent to assist in educating the community and strengthening the diversity
of the blood supply for the hospitals and ultimately the patients that we serve.”

For additional details on the importance of a diverse blood supply, click here