Meet our Mascot — Half-Pint!

Hi! My name is Half-Pint, and I’m a blood hound!

I’m from the Lehigh Valley. I’m 7 feet tall and I weigh 300 pounds. I know what you’re thinking –”Half-Pint” definitely suits me!

I’m here to seek out blood donors and make new friends – in fact, I’ll be your BEST FRIEND!  I’m a little shy at times, but I love meeting all of our lifesaving blood donors… and I sure can’t wait to meet YOU!

I like jumping into water and mud puddles, receiving scratches behind the ears, and eating dog bones! I also really like cookies – especially the ones in the canteen after donating blood. Most of all…  I love helping to save lives!

Introducing MKBC’s New Mascot!            Welcome MKBC’s New Mascot, Half-Pint!            Fetch, Half-Pint, Fetch!