Why Give Blood?

When you give blood, you save lives and improve the health of your community. But it’s not just about what you give, where you give also makes a difference. Miller-Keystone Blood Center exclusively serves 28 local hospitals in our region. That means your blood can save the lives of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and others in the area that may need your help. On an annual basis, Miller-Keystone Blood Center needs over 100,000 units of blood to help save patients in our local hospitals – that’s 450 donors every day.

Here are some examples of blood use and conditions requiring blood transfusion:

Premature infants
At least 1-4 units of Red Cells


Accident victims
5-100 units of Red Cells


Burn victims
At least 20 units of Platelets


Cancer patients
At least 3-10 units of Red Cells and 10-30 units
of Platelets


Sickle Cell patients
At least 10-20 units of Platelets


Heart surgery patients
At least 3-8 units of Red Cells, 1-10 units of Platelets and 2-5 units of Plasma


Bone marrow transplant patients
At least 15-20 units of Red Cells and 100-120 units of platelets


Organ transplant patients
At least 10-30 units of Red Cells,10-30 units of Platelets, and 20 bags of Cryoprecipitate