MKBC Launches New Mobile App!

MKBC has announced the launch of our new mobile app, available to both Android and Apple
mobile device users! The new app officially launched on Monday, June 17.

“43% of baby boomers and 66% of Generation X use mobile devices,” says Keith Vogrin,
Director of Marketing, MKBC. “Those numbers increase to 72% for Generation Y and 82% for Generation Z,
which verifies that one of the most convenient and effective ways to connect with individuals
under the age of 45 is through a mobile device.”

Mr. Vogrin notes that in recent years, blood donations in the US from individuals aged 16-18
have decreased by 60%, and those from individuals aged 19-24 have decreased by 32%.

“These figures are concerning,” he explains. “Currently, nearly 60% of blood donations come from individuals
over the age of 40, and almost 45% are from those aged over 50. Locally, the numbersare even more alarming,
as 86% of MKBC’s donor population is over the age of 55. These statistics are significant, as blood donations from
younger generations are pivotal for the stability and diversification of the blood supply.”

While the app will be utilized by donors of all ages, younger donors – who predominantly use handheld devices –
will be find it immediately useful, Mr. Vogrin adds noting that MKBC’s new app will provide convenience
for all blood donors, with a connection to their community blood center at their fingertips.

Features of MKBC’s new mobile app include:

              • Immediate access to one’s eligibility date
              • Searching for a blood drive in one’s community
              • Appointment scheduling at one’s fingertips
              • Completing one’s donor history questionnaire from a mobile device
              • Convenient access to one’s past donation history and mini-health check results
                (including hematocrit, blood pressure, pulse, temperature and cholesterol)
              • Completing a post-donation survey directly from one’s mobile device
              • Tracking rewards store points and redeeming for merchandise/e-gift cards
                at MKBC’s online store


Individuals downloading the new MKBC Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play,
scheduling an appointment through the app, and donating now through August 31
will be automatically entered to win a new Smart Watch!

* MKBC employees and their families are not eligible for this promotion.

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