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Timothy Kita

Several years ago, I was the victim of a random shooting. At the time, my wife was 6 weeks away […]

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Janeen Freiss

As a mother of three young children, a wife and friend to others in the Lehigh Valley, it is hard […]

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The Baldwin Family

Logan is your typical 6-year-old boy. He has way too much energy and a smile that lights up your heart. […]

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Dr. Robert and Carolyn Coni

When Jack was 6 months old, we learned that he had an inherited blood disorder, thalassemia, which prevents him from […]

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Betsy Adams

In February 2003, I underwent triple heart bypass surgery, and received several units of blood. Three weeks later, I felt […]

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Robert Ditro

A few years back I found myself ill with what I assumed was a virus or flu bug. When my […]

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Sofia Groves

We’d like you to meet a very special young lady named Sofia, and we’d like to thank Sofia and her […]

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Andrew “Squishy” Bosco

It was June of 2021 when our world changed drastically.  And not for the better.  Our 14 month old son, […]

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Jerry Block

My first blood transfusion was in 1989, when I underwent heart surgery. Since that time, I have been in the […]

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