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“My son Logan was diagnosed with a rare Stage 4 pediatric cancer at only 15 months old.  Until our own personal experience, we were oblivious to cancer, chemo, radiation and all that that went along with keeping him alive.  One thing that DID keep him alive through our whole journey was all the donated blood products Logan so desperately needed.  He needed blood so many times that I actually lost count.  But what I never lost count of was the gratitude and relief I felt knowing it was there.  It would pump his little body back up so he could continue to fight this nasty beast.  It gave his body energy and the strength to keep going.  Without those precious bags of blood and platelets, Logan would have certainly died.  Now, because of all those generous donors and our team of doctors, Logan is a healthy and happy 6 year old little boy.  I cannot Thank people enough to take that time out to donate which literally saves lives, including my son.”


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Your generous blood donation will be used to save the life of someone at one of our 26 local community hospitals. SAVE a LIFE.  Find a blood drive near you! SEE UPCOMING BLOOD DRIVES


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