Platelets are particles circulating in our blood that help control bleeding. They are crucial for accident victims, surgery patients, and burn victims. In fact, cancer patients are the #1 patient user group requiring platelet transfusions. This is because some cancer treatments can result in anemia and a decreased platelet count. When platelet levels fall too low, patients require transfusions to replenish their supply and prevent life-threatening hemorrhages. Many cancer patients require daily platelet and red blood cell transfusions for several weeks.

With a usable lifespan of only seven days, platelets are in constant demand for life-saving treatments. You can safely donate platelets every 8 days, up to 24 times per year, and it is up to people like YOU to ensure we have enough platelets for patients in our local hospitals.

Make your commitment to donate platelets by joining our Platelet Warrior Club today. By donating 12 times during a 12-month period, you will earn exclusive MKBC merchandise, such as:

  • MKBC windbreaker all-season coat
  • Exclusive, embroidered polo shirt
  • Embroidered MKBC duffle bag
  • Yeti coffee mug

Individuals joining our Platelet Warrior Club will receive a membership card when signing up,
and are asked to bring this membership card with them for each of their donations.

Complete the form below to start being a Platelet Warrior today!

Platelet Warrior Commitment Form

Platelets Club

I would like to join the Platelet Weekend Warrior Club and will donate platelets at least 12 times during the next 12 months.*
Would you like us to follow up with you to schedule your appointments?*
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