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Blood Supply Technology

Technology and equipment are the two most expensive purchasing areas for MKBC and are critically important. In fact, in order to maintain a ready and safe blood supply, there are dozens of technology and equipment purchases that are made each year.

You can have a direct impact on the purchase of modern and high-tech equipment and technology for our collections, laboratory, and distribution processes.

As a member of MKBC Tech Heroes, your annual contribution of $1,000 directly impacts the purchase of new equipment, software, upgrades, and operational necessities. Join us in ensuring a ready and safe blood supply for our community.

During an annual meeting, MKBC Tech Heroes group participants will learn about equipment needs, what is/was purchased, and their function. Funds collected through MKBC Tech Heroes will be used annually. Purchases will be made based on income to the fund each year. As much funding is generated through MKBC Tech Heroes group members, the total of purchases will be made.

We want to ask you to please join this select group of participants who are passionate and dedicated to our mission and whose philanthropy helps increase our purchasing power for the technology and equipment needs of MKBC.  Your support empowers and strengthens us to serve our community even better. 

Yearly Funding Needs:

  • Phlebotomy training aides $500
  • Blood Refrigerator – $2,000
  • Vitals Monitor – $2,000
  • Donor Chairs – $3,000
  • Platelet Counter, Incubator/Agitator  $7,000+

Fleet Vehicles:

  • Courier Vehicle – $28,000
  • Cargo Van $60,000
  • Vitals Monitor – $2,000
  • Annual Fleet Maintenance $100,000
  • Blood Mobile $300,000

MKBC Tech Heroes

Financial Gift

We appreciate your generosity and thank you for your contribution! Kindly complete the Billing Address section with the information matching your monthly bankcard statement, and provide your payment details as they appear on your credit card.

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