Here are a few examples of blood use and conditions requiring blood transfusion:

Heart surgery patients

At least 3-8 units of Red Cells, 1-10 units of Platelets and 2-5 units of Plasma

Premature infants

At least 1-4 units of Red Cells

Bone marrow transplant patients

At least 15-20 units of Red Cells and 100-120 units of platelets

Accident victims

5-100 units of Red Cells

Organ transplant patients

At least 10-30 units of Red Cells,10-30 units of Platelets, and 20 bags of Cryoprecipitate

Burn victims

At least 20 units of Platelets

Sickle cell patients

At least 10-20 units of Red Cells

Cancer patients

At least 3-10 units of Red Cells and 10-30 unitsof Platelets

When Donating Blood

What to expect

Donation time varies from 45 minutes to two hours based on type. After you donate blood, please continue to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Avoid exercise, smoking, and alcohol for 24 hours. Remember to enjoy the feeling of knowing that your gift is saving lives, right here in our community. Don’t forget to schedule your next appointment.

The blood donation process: Simple Steps, Profound Impact

Register online, over the phone, or at our reception. Bring valid ID like a driver’s license or MKBC Donor ID upon arrival.


Answer a medical history questionnaire at home using iScreen®, or at the blood drive/donation center.


A trained medical screener will check your blood pressure, temperature, and iron level.


You will now undergo the physical collection of blood.


You will be served refreshments and asked to relax in our canteen area.
*Whole Blood only


Blood donation Process

Is It Safe To Donate Blood?

Donating blood is safer today than it has ever been before. Miller-Keystone Blood Center follows 5 layers of safety procedures:

Miller-Keystone works with government and regulatory agencies to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply by implementing up to date donor screening requirements, utilizing the latest infectious disease tests, adhering to good manufacturing practices, and the ability to track blood products from collection to distribution.

save A life

Blood Expiration

Regular blood donations from healthy individuals ensure a reliable blood supply for emergencies. Giving blood is a precious gift, directly saving lives. Your donation is a powerful contribution to the well-being of others.

1 Year


Expires after being frozen for 1 year

7 Days


Expire after 7 days

42 Days

Red Blood Cells

Expire after 42 days


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