After joining our “Drops” program, you will receive a monthly “Drops” communication from MKBC that you can send to your employees through your standard communications. Content may include general information on our community blood supply, donor eligibility guidelines, MKBC locations/hours of operation, information on MKBC community engagement programs, etc. These “Drops” are designed to educate and engage your employees, inspire regular blood donations for employees interested in supporting the community, and highlight employees who donate for your internal communications with photos/stories of their donations.

We will also track your donations every quarter and provide you with a performance report to celebrate the support of your employees and recognize your organization and others on our social media and through our Local Leaders program (for organizations collecting 200 or more donations during the calendar year).

If you have any questions or are ready to sign up for our “Drops” program today, please contact us.

Thanks to our “Drops” partners including:


Community Partners