Screening Process

You may be eligible if...

Specific activities may temporarily prevent someone from giving blood, while other criteria may require a longer (or permanent) deferral. Blood donation guidelines are constantly changing, & many people who were previously unable to donate may now be able to! Below are the most up-to-date eligibility guidelines to donate for the community blood supply.

donor health

acceptable Health Screening Ranges

Donor health is very important to us. Did you know that every time you donate, you receive a mini health checkup including blood pressure, pulse and hematocrit? The results of this screening determine your eligibility to donate blood.

The following conditions may affect your eligibility to donate blood:

Effective December 11, 2023 FDA GUIDANCE: New Donor Screening Process and Keeping Safe

Miller-Keystone Blood Center has adopted new protocols in line with U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recommend for blood donor eligibility. These measures enhance screening processes, ensuring donated blood meets FDA criteria for safety and quality. The center’s commitment to these guidelines prioritizes the well-being of donors and recipients alike.

Your safety

Ensuring a Safe Blood Supply

Miller-Keystone’s #1 priority is the safety of the blood supply and our blood donors. Donation requirements are regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and help ensure your blood is safe for patients and that it is safe for you to donate.


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