Organizing a Blood Drive

Seamless Planning, Rewarding Impact

Organizing a blood drive with us is easy and impactful, offering a chance to support a vital cause and show community commitment. Our team assists you at every step, providing essential tools for success. Choose from mobile or inside setup drives, tailored to your needs and space, to maximize participation and efficiency. Your involvement not only saves lives but also fortifies community connections.

Planning your own blood drive can be done in 6 simple steps:

Step 1: Contact Miller-Keystone Blood Center

For more information on planning a blood drive, contact the donor resources department by email,
or call 610-691-5850 ext. 1218 / 800-B-A-DONOR (223-6667) ext. 1218.

Step 2: Getting Started (8-7 weeks prior)

  • Secure date and time of the drive
  • Select site location (bloodmobile or inside facility)
  • Meet with Miller-Keystone Blood Center Representative
  • Set blood drive goals
  • Form committee team

Step 3: Promote your drive & schedule donors (5-3 weeks prior)

  • Begin publicizing your blood drive using Miller-Keystone’s marketing and promotional materials
  • Distribute materials
  • Assign committee tasks
  • Start scheduling donors

Step 4: Final Countdown (1-0 weeks prior)

  • Confirm location and parking arrangements
  • Remind donors of their scheduled times
  • Contact blood center representative with final counts

Step 5: Day of the Blood Drive

  • Set-up crew meets with blood center staff upon arrival
  • Provide a copy of the schedule to the Miller-Keystone staff

Step 6: Congratulations

  • Thank donors and committee members
  • Let everyone know the results of the blood drive
  • Complete evaluation form for Miller-Keystone Blood Center
  • Schedule a date for your next blood drive


Donor Resources Department

Thank you for considering hosting a blood drive with us! Fill out the form to learn more about organizing a drive at your business, church, school, or other organization. An MKBC Account Manager will reach out to discuss details and answer your questions. Please note that not all organizations contacting us may qualify to host a blood drive. Factors such as insufficient staffing or unsuitable locations based on FDA guidelines could affect eligibility. Completing our form initiates contact with an account manager who will discuss the specifics and feasibility of hosting a drive.

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