Thank you for making the decision to donate blood!
While appointments are preferred, walk-in donors are welcome and accepted as time permits. Schedule online at GIVEaPINT.org or over the phone at 800-B-A-DONOR.
Before you arrive for your appointment, please be sure to keep hydrated and eat a hearty meal.
When you arrive, please be prepared to provide us with valid identification, such as a driver’s license or your MKBC Donor ID. AIf you answered your medical history questions at home using iScreen®, present the barcode. If you did not answer your medical history questions using iScreen®, then you will answer them at the blood drive/donation center.
A trained medical screener will do a health check taking your blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and testing your iron level. If your medical history questionnaire and your health check is successful, our staff will guide you to the most needed donation type. If whole blood is collected, the donation will take approximately 6-10 minutes. Automated collection of platelets, plasma, and red blood cells may take 30 minutes to 2 hours.
When you have completed your lifesaving blood donation, you will be directed to the canteen area where you can relax and be served refreshments. Whole blood donors must remain in the canteen for 15 minutes. And that is it! You will have shared your desire to save the life of others. While you may never know the recipient of your blood donation, you can be assured that they and their family are truly grateful.

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