Planned giving

There’s more than one way to pay it forward

Leave a mark on our life-saving mission. If you can’t give now, you can give money later! Miller-Keystone Blood Center offers a variety of opportunities for you to give back over time, and even after you or a loved one has passed away. Include our organization as a beneficiary of your assets and leave a meaningful legacy that will last a lifetime.


A bequest may provide for a specific dollar gift, a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset(s) to be […]

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What is it? The simplest gift arrangement. A contract in which a non-profit agrees to pay you back a percentage […]

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Living Trusts

A living trust holds and maintains any assets you name in an agreement. The trust is then administered for the […]

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Outright Gifts

Outright Gift Opportunities and Building Relationships at Miller-Keystone Blood Center When you consider a gift of cash or check to Miller-Keystone […]

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