Community blood supply

Demand for Blood

The demand for blood is a constant reality. Our community blood supply is the key to meeting this need. When we donate and support a life-saving cause, we ensure that the demand is met locally. Stable blood types still require platelet donors.


  • O+
  • O-
  • A-
  • B-
  • AB-
  • A & AB Plasma


  • Platelets


  • A+


  • B+
  • AB+
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Half-Century Blood
Supply Leaders

At MKBC, our mission is to save lives by partnering with our community to provide a continuous supply of blood products and services. Founded in 1971, we serve as a blood provider for 35 hospitals in eastern PA and western NJ.

Get Involved

Make a Lifesaving Difference Today

Join us in our mission to save lives by choosing the way you can contribute best. Whether through volunteering, making a financial donation, or hosting a community event, your involvement is crucial for our continued success. Each action you take brings us closer to fulfilling our lifesaving goals.

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Blood center

why give blood

Donate blood, make a difference, and save lives while contributing to the betterment of your community; where you choose to donate matters.

Blood center

who can donate

Blood donation eligibility varies based on age, health conditions, & recent activities; it's crucial to know the guidelines to ensure a safe donation.

Blood donation


Saving lives is as easy as rolling up your sleeve, but knowing what you’re getting into and how to make the most significant impact is essential.

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Together we
make a difference

Miller-Keystone Blood Center is dedicated to providing our employees with opportunities that promote not only the goals of our company but their own personal aspirations as well.

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