450 donors are
needed every day



Blood transfusions save more than 4 million Americans each year. Here, you will find everything you need to schedule your life-saving donation.

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Welcome to our knowledge hub, dedicated to helping you learn more about blood, the donation process and the impact your donation has in our community.

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As a nonprofit organization, we rely on the support and contributions of community partners, including civic groups, community businesses, schools, media and more.

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Sponsoring a blood drive with Miller-Keystone Blood Center is easy and rewarding. Support a life-saving cause and demonstrate your commitment to our community.

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Upcoming Events

Apr 22

Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day! Since 1970, Earth Day has remained the largest civic event in the world, celebrated around the globe […]

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Jun 01

Cruise Aboard The Lifeline

Our passengers will set sail for a grand experience as they travel down Broadway! Along the way they will enjoy some […]

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Jun 07

Charity Cask Night @ Brew Works

Drink a pint for a good cause at Bethlehem Brew Works! It’s Charity Cask Night on Thursday, June 7th beginning at 5pm! […]

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Units of blood are needed every day in the 12 counties served by Miller-Keystone Blood Center.


Units of blood are used each day in the United States.


Miller-Keystone Blood Center is the only blood supplier to 22 hospitals in our region. No other blood organization supplies these hospitals.

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Why Give Blood?

When you give blood, you save lives and improve the health of your community. But it’s not just about what […]

What Are The Top 10 Excuses For Not Donating Blood?

1. “I’M AFRAID OF NEEDLES.” Often times, the hardest part about deciding to donate blood is overcoming the fear of […]

What Can I Expect When Donating Blood?

The entire donation process, from registration to release, will take 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the type of […]

Blood Types

Over 100 years ago, it was discovered that people have different types of blood. Even though all blood consists of […]

Is It Safe To Donate Blood?

Donating blood is safer today than it has ever been before. Miller-Keystone Blood Center follows five layers of safety procedures: […]

Blood Journey

Have you ever wondered where your blood goes once you’ve given it? Here’s what happens after your blood is collected: […]


Blood Diversity

Why Does Matching Matter While rare blood types exist in every population, the challenge is finding a perfect match for […]

Hope For A Match Rare Blood Donor Program

As a proud member of the American Rare Donor Program (ARDP), a network comprised of 80+ organizations across the U.S. […]

High School Hero Cord Program

Our students understand the meaning of community! Our objective is to ready young adults into becoming responsible individuals who contribute […]


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