Lifesaver Rewards Program

Lifesaver Rewards Program

When GIVING gives back.

We know the level of commitment it takes to support our lifesaving mission, and want to thank you for it with our LifeSaver Rewards program. LifeSaver Rewards recognizes and rewards dedicated donors like you for saving lives through voluntary blood donation, and helping us ensure that we always have a safe, stable, and continuous blood supply in our community, for patients in your local hospitals.

You’ll earn points every time you donate. Simply put, the more donations you make, the more points you earn. These points can then be redeemed in your “My Profile” Online Store and exchanged for a wide variety of gifts.


How it works

  • Register to donate and donate successfully.
  • Earn points depending on the type of donation you make.  (There is no expiration date for your Lifesaver Rewards Points, as long as you visit us to donate at least once every 24 months!)
  • Redeem your points in your “My Profile” LifeSaver Rewards Store.
  • Exchange your points for a variety of gifts
  • You can also choose to donate your points back to Miller-Keystone’s Scholarship Fund. This fund underwrites the Blood Center’s annual presentations of the High School Blood Donor Recruitment Scholarship and the Ralph (Bill) & Jacqueline Younger Student Volunteer Scholarship, among other awards.
Type of Donation Points Type of Donation Points
Deferral 50 Platelet 200
Whole Blood 100 Platelet + 1 additional product 250
Automated Red Cell 250 Platelet + 2 additional product 250
Plasma 250 Double Platelet 200
Double Plasma 250 Double Platelet + 1 additional product 250
Double Plasma + 1 additional product 250
Additional Bonus Points    Additional Bonus Points  
Donate Whole Blood 4 times in one calendar year 400 Donate Platelets 12 times in one calendar year 500
Donate Automated Red Cells 3 times in one calendar year 500

PLUS Bonus Points throughout the year 

2023 Dates Additional Bonus Points 2023 Datess Additional Bonus Points
January 2-8, 23-31 Double Bonus Points January 9-22 100 Bonus Points
February 10-14 100 Bonus Points February 17-20 100 Bonus Points
March 13-20 100 Bonus Points April 3-10 100 Bonus Points
May 8-15 100 Bonus Points May 26-29 Double Bonus Points
June 14 (World Blood Donor Day) Double Bonus Points Jun 15-19. 29-30 100 Bonus Points
July 1-8 Double Bonus Points August 24-31 100 Bonus Points
Sept 1-4 Double Bonus Points Sept 11 100 Bonus Points
Sept 22-30 100 Bonus Points Oct 6-9 100 Bonus Points
Oct 23-31 100 Bonus Points November 6-13 100 Bonus Points
Nov 20-27 100 Bonus Points December 24, 26-31 Double Bonus Points

July 17-31; August 1-14 – Summer Hero T-Shirt Days (MKBC Fixed Sites)
December 1-23 – Holiday Hero T-Shirt Days (MKBC Fixed Sites) 


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Available Gift Cards

*  as of April 2023, the “Happy Moments” gift card is no longer available.
Look for some updates to our Lifesaver Rewards items in the near future!