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Blood Drive in Honor of Alyssa Bulford

Friday, 01 - Sunday, 31 July, 2022

On June 1st, when Alyssa Bulford was walking back to her car in the parking lot of the nail salon she just attended, she spotted an unknown individual rummaging through her car. Alyssa was soon flooded with a sense of danger. As she turned to walk away, the individual quickly took it upon himself to shoot her twice in the back. She made her way back into the salon. A good Samaritan from a neighboring company made her way in through the back door of the Salon. She stayed with Alyssa until EMTs arrived. Rushed to the hospital, Alyssa went through 3 major surgeries to retrieve the bullets and repair the extensive damage that was made from ricochet. She needed several lifesaving pints of blood. Alyssa has a long road of recovery ahead of her, including more surgeries.

Alyssa is a working college student majoring in early childhood education. She has always been a top honors student and puts just as much dedication into her friends and family. Alyssa is a warrior. Her survival instincts are remarkable. After all of this and what is still yet to come, she still has her sense of humor. The incident on June 1st has not and will not dim Alyssa’s spirit.

The Bulford Family is hosting a blood drive at MKBC’s Pittston Donor Center
during the month of July.  Donate blood in Alyssa’s honor, and
help to ensure it is available for the next person in need. 

The Bulford family has been overwhelmed and humbled by the various forms of support given their way.  Anyone who can and is able, is encouraged to donate blood. Alyssa is an avid blood donor and it literally helped to save her life. Much appreciation and many thanks to everyone.

Event Details:

  • Sponsoring Organization:  In Honor of Alyssa Bulford
  • Date:  July 1 – July 31
  • Location:  MKBC Pittston Donor Center (400 Route 315, Suite E)

Be sure to include Group ID# 8899  in the “notes” section when you register!


If business or time constraints are too challenging for your organization to run an on-site bloodmobile drive,
MKBC’s Adopt-A-Day program offers partnering organizations the flexibility of enabling employees, family and friends
to host a blood drive at one of our Donor Centers and be recognized in the community!
For more information on our Adopt-A-Day program, click here!