2021-2022 Annual Appeal

2021-2022 Annual Appeal

Your Community Blood Center Celebrates 50 Years!

Your financial support is the link that saves lives.

Picture a world without selfless volunteers or generous blood donors. Now imagine one where lifesaving blood can’t reach a patient’s bedside. Your financial support ensures a safe and stable blood supply for the 28 regional hospitals served by Miller-Keystone Blood Center. From collection to delivery, special programs and scholarships, bloodmobile restoration, education and more, your actions fuel our impact and help save the lives of friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and more each and every day.

A History of Community Service

This year marks 50 years that Miller-Keystone Blood Center (MKBC) has served as your community Blood Center! In 1971, MKBC began by providing blood products to three (3) Lehigh Valley hospitals, and by the end of the first year, MKBC delivered to six (6) local hospitals. Over the years, Miller-Keystone expanded its reach as hospital systems and the need for lifesaving blood grew. Today, MKBC delivers over 100,000 blood products to 28 hospitals in 18 Pennsylvania and New Jersey counties. The regional Blood Center operates six (6) fixed site Blood Donation Centers, 11 satellite collection sites, and a state-of-the-art laboratory. Our team schedules close to 2,000 blood drives annually, sending a fleet of bloodmobiles, sprinter vans, and trucks out into our communities to collect blood.

Most extraordinary, and most important, is our work with our volunteer Blood Donors. Committed donors in our communities at schools, churches, businesses, and civic organizations are responsible for the success of our mission to save lives. High schools run a significant number of drives each year, along with our Local Leaders – many dedicated businesses and community groups – that collect at least 200 units in a single year. In addition, the amazing Gallon Donor Club consists of lifetime donors who have given 50, 75, and 100+ gallons of blood! Thanks to our volunteer donors, MKBC has touched millions of lives over the decades. For each unit of blood donated, three lives are impacted or saved.

To celebrate 50 years of achieving our mission – saving lives by partnering with our community to provide a continuous supply of blood products and services – please consider a financial gift to our Annual Appeal. As a non-profit organization, our longevity and success depends on you. For 50 years, MKBC has succeeded because of your support, and we thank you. Please consider sending your gift today to continue this lifesaving community service.


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