2020-2021 Annual Appeal

2020-2021 Annual Appeal

Saving Lives Every Day.

Your financial support is the link that saves lives.

Picture a world without selfless volunteers or generous blood donors. Now imagine one where lifesaving blood can’t reach a patient’s bedside. Your financial support ensures a safe and stable blood supply for the 28 regional hospitals served by Miller-Keystone Blood Center. From collection to delivery, special programs and scholarships, bloodmobile restoration, education and more, your actions fuel our impact and help save the lives of friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and more each and every day.

The Impact of COVID-19 On Our Community Blood Supply

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, suddenly the day-to-day operations of collecting blood from volunteer donors changed. To reduce risk and exposure, Miller-Keystone Blood Center immediately adopted operational changes to comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for social distancing and personal protection. Blood donors were invited to donate at one of our 14 donation centers or satellite locations across the region by appointment only to manage crowd size.

The critical shortage of blood products locally and nationally began in March and continues today, and may possibly continue in the near future. Thanks to our committed blood donors,  Miller-Keystone has managed to meet the needs of the 28 hospitals it serves. Miller-Keystone staff are working diligently to provide a safe environment for donors and all involved when collecting blood at donation centers and blood drives at schools, businesses, and congregations. Community blood drives provide a significant number of blood products to our hospitals, for example, in 2019-2020, mobile blood drives collected 31,114 units of blood.

Your community Blood Center is honored to be part of a clinical study to collect, manufacture, and distribute convalescent plasma for patients suffering from the novel virus. The hope is that by collecting convalescent plasma—the plasma of those who have recovered from COVID-19—and giving it to critically ill coronavirus patients, a boost is provided to the patient’s own antibodies to help stimulate recovery. This is particularly important in patients who have a suppressed immune system. Our team has met 100% of the convalescent plasma needs for the hospitals we serve and in addition, we helped other Blood Centers as well as our military to treat those suffering from the virus. Miller-Keystone processed 843 donors that resulted in the manufacturing of 2,139 doses of convalescent plasma!

One example of our work with convalescent plasma is with the New York-based Jewish Orthodox community of Kiryas Joel. Their community was hit extremely hard by COVID-19 and they rallied to give back by offering to donate convalescent plasma to help those in need in our community and theirs. Miller-Keystone hosted their group of donors several times resulting in hundreds of doses of convalescent plasma.

Although Miller-Keystone’s goal is to see 450 blood donors each day to meet our hospitals’ needs, we remain dedicated to collecting the urgently needed convalescent plasma. Please join Miller-Keystone in achieving its mission of saving lives by making a donation to our Annual Appeal today.


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