2019-2020 Annual Appeal

2019-2020 Annual Appeal

Saving Lives Every Day.

Your financial support is the link that saves lives.

Picture a world without selfless volunteers or generous blood donors. Now imagine one where lifesaving blood can’t reach a patient’s bedside. Your financial support ensures a safe and stable blood supply for the 29 regional hospitals served by Miller-Keystone Blood Center. From collection to delivery, special programs and scholarships, bloodmobile restoration, education and more, your actions fuel our impact and help save the lives of friends, family, neighbors, coworkers and more each and every day.

Angela’s Story

Angela, ‘Angie’ was a vibrant, young, 17 year old teen anticipating her senior year at Daniel Boone Area High School in Berks County. On a hot summer day in August 2003, Angie woke-up late for her summer job as a lifeguard. Although she had swollen glands and didn’t feel too well, she decided to go to the pool anyway. The next day her symptoms grew worse. That’s the day Angie’s life changed, it was the beginning of doctor visits, the emergency room, and hospital stays. In a matter of a few days, Angie was diagnosed with a rare case of Leukemia and was treated with close to 100 units of whole blood and platelets.

During her illness, Angie and her family experienced first-hand the critical shortage of blood and platelets as they waited long hours and days as the hospital searched for the correct type of platelets. Angie’s Leukemia had a very low survival rate, and she passed away just 26 days later, on August 28, 2003. Today, Angie is an inspiration as her legacy lives on through her parents, family, and friends. This year marks the 17th Annual Angela Hohl Memorial Blood Drive at Daniel Boone High School.

Over the years, the Angela Hohl Memorial Blood Drive evolved into the largest one-day Blood Drive held by Miller-Keystone. Angie’s parents, Sue and Harvey Hohl remain committed to the drive each year. They are thankful for each unit collected because they understand that blood products save lives. Each year they get the word out to their community with the help of students—please BECOME A BLOOD DONOR.

At the first Drive in 2003, 150 people donated blood, by the tenth Drive, 496 people donated blood. For over a decade, the Angela Hohl Memorial Blood Drive has been an anticipated annual community event. Today, thankfully, the majority of donors are students—our next generation of blood donors. Sixteen years later, Sue and Harvey continue to honor their daughter’s legacy as they passionately inspire their community to DONATE BLOOD TO SAVE LIVES. For every unit collected three lives are impacted or saved!


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